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C.M.I., parent company of USGolfJobs.com, was founded in 1997. Originally a national golf employment publisher, C.M.I. was received with overwhelming praise by the industry. At that time, no company had truly offered products and services dedicated to employment within the golf industry. The 200+ page publications provided golf industry professionals with everything from career advice to resume writing, and everything in between. The publications also included one of the largest lists of golf employers and industry contacts available anywhere. A leader ahead of its time, C.M.I.'s vision was the dawn of a new era within the golf industry.

In 1999, from the success of C.M.I.'s publications, and the overwhelming need from the golf industry, USGolfJobs.com was born. Its success was immediate. Having helped more than a quarter-of-a-million industry professionals obtain employment and golf employment information, USGolfJobs.com has established itself as the #1 source for golf employment anywhere, internet or otherwise. To this day, USGolfJobs.com provides golf industry professionals with undisputedly the largest database of golf jobs and employment opportunities available anywhere on the internet, or otherwise. USGolfJobs.com also provides golf industry professionals with undisputedly the largest database of golf employers and industry contacts available to job seekers anywhere.

Most people would think that this is more than enough, but we didn't. We never have, nor ever will believe, that a list of jobs is enough. USGolfJobs.com is an entire online golf community dedicated to the success of our clients. We provide our registered users with insightful career advice, the latest industry news and articles, resume writing and interviewing help, a resume post with their own personal web space, web address, and distribution, a discussion board to network with other golf industry professionals and employers, and much more! Best of all, our users have access to this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. USGolfJobs.com doesn't rest until you find the job of your dreams.

Employers, we certainly didn't forget you. USGolfJobs.com provides golf industry employers with their own online community as well. In the community you can post/edit/delete jobs, view resumes, and more! Best part of all, it is 100% Free! You didn't read that wrong. Unlike other 'job boards' that charge you $80, $120, $170, or even $200 just to post 1 job, we charge you $0. You can also elect to have your positions featured on USGolfJobs.com, and distributed in our newsletter to over 30,000 golf industry professionals seeking employment. Not only will you be able to seek the best golf industry professionals available, but you'll also be able to save a lot of time and money in your recruitment.

USGolfJobs.com continues its success with its team of customer service representatives, technical support, web developers, independent sales agents, and many other important staff, providing you with the most sophisticated, fully comprehensible, and supported service available anywhere. Come find out why USGolfJobs.com is still #1 in 2024!


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